Financial Services Tax Breakfast Briefings

Slides and Recordings / Details of Forthcoming Sessions
  • Video Current tax issues on debt funds and shadow banking
    Slides and video available from a seminar held on 17 December 2014 as part of our "Financial Services Tax Breakfast Briefings". The entry of debt funds into lending markets and the diversification of asset classes they invest in throws up a number of tax issues that need careful management.

    19 December 2014

  • Audio Tax fraud in financial services - innocent until proven careless?
    Recording and slides available from a seminar held as part of our "Financial Services Tax Breakfast Briefings" held on 30 September 2014. Topics included in this session include a look at areas of tax fraud risk for financial institutions and maintaining effective risk controls.

    30 September 2014

  • Video The UK tax regime for fund management – simple, fair and stable?
    In this session, the tax team looks at the current tax case law and policy developments affecting institutional and retail fund managers, and consider whether the HM Treasury’s UK Investment Management Strategy is achieving its aims.

    24 June 2014

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