Africa webinars

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  • Video Trade and commodity finance in Africa
    ​This webinar looks at some of the legal considerations and issues when structuring trade and commodity finance transactions in Africa.

    1 December 2015

  • Video Africa webinar - real estate investment In Kenya
    This webinar considers the key issues that potential investors should be aware of, if investing in real estate within Kenya.

    18 September 2015

  • Video Africa webinar - oil & gas pipelines in Africa
    This webinar outlines some of the important legal aspects of turning a major international gas or oil pipeline in Africa from a good idea into a practical reality.

    19 August 2015

  • Video Mega infrastructure projects in Africa
    Problems are often encountered in the development and construction phase of infrastructure projects which can lead to construction disputes. This webinar highlights the major problems and how best they can be managed by referring to various case studies.

    3 July 2015

  • Audio Emerging data protection regulations in Africa
    This was the third webinar of our Data Protection & Privacy series, focusing on the privacy law developments in Asia, Middle East and Africa. In this webinar Christophe Fichet discussed the development of Data Protection laws in Africa and the key expectations over the next year.

    22 May 2015

  • Audio Africa webinar: COMESA
    Speakers from our ECR Network highlight the key features of the COMESA merger control regime, including when a merger filing is triggered, how to make a filing and the practical issues to consider with making a filing to the COMESA Competition Commission.

    11 May 2015

  • Audio How to invest in Mozambique – one of the fastest growing countries in Africa
    This webinar reviews investment within Mozambique and specifically reviews the following areas:
    Political, economical and legal overview, recent important discoveries of natural gas, most active sectors (energy, infrastructure, banking), and foreign Investment and exchange control regulations

    27 April 2015

  • Audio Private equity in Africa
    Audio recording and slides from our recent webinar where we went beyond the macro growth story and beyond the headlines about Africa, to provide a real picture of the opportunities and the associated risks and challenges.

    10 April 2015

  • Video Renewable energy projects in Africa: Comparing procurement models for renewable generation capacity
    This webinar looks at the competitive procurement model that the REIPPP introduced to the renewables market, marking a significant break from the Feed In Tariff model, and also compares it with developments in Uganda and Morocco.

    5 March 2015

  • Video Risk, due diligence, drafting and monitoring of bribery/fraud risk in Africa
    Africa has rarely been more attractive for foreign investment. Challenges remain however, not least the risk of a high profile investigation by enforcement agencies for bribery or corruption committed by company employees, local agents or suppliers.

    2 March 2015

  • Video Risk management in Africa
    This webinar will consider Risk Management strategies that should be used when investing in Africa, in particular in the oil and gas, and energy sectors. This webinar advocates adopting a tailored risk management approach throughout the life of a contract, including early identification of risks; ensuring appropriate risk allocation between relevant parties; and managing risk throughout the life of an investment.

    29 January 2015

  • Video Africa webinar: OHADA law
    This webinar provides an introduction to OHADA law, the common business law in force in 17 Sub-Saharan African countries, mostly Francophone, and provides an update on recent changes to OHADA's company law and security interest law.

    13 January 2015

  • PDF African project finance - understanding the consequences of the World Bank Negative Pledge

    20 November 2014

  • Audio Africa webinar: power projects
    Audio recording and slides available from the second in a series of African webinars. In this session our African power specialists looked at the independent power project (IPP) model in the African context.

    10 November 2014

  • Audio Sub-Saharan Africa: current legal risks and use of bilateral investment treaties
    This session covers the legal risks that are typically encountered when investing in sub-Saharan Africa (excluding South Africa), and how these can be mitigated through appropriate due diligence, deal structuring and the use of bilateral investment treaties.

    19 September 2014

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