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  • Supreme Court upholds application of SDLT GAAR


    Enviado: 15 June 2018

    The Supreme Court has given a wide reading to the application of the SDLT general anti-avoidance provision in Finance Act 2003 s.75A.

  • Prospectus Regulation Tracker


    Última revisión: 14 June 2018 / Enviado: 30 June 2017

    Our Prospectus Regulation Tracker will help you plan for the changes ahead.

  • EU blocking statute on Iran-related nuclear sanctions released


    Enviado: 14 June 2018

    The EU Commission has now "adopted" the much awaited EU blocking statute. What does it do? In short it seeks to provide protection to EU-based companies from engaging in sanctions-compliant business with Iran. It is in effect the EU trying to keep the Iran nuclear deal alive despite the withdrawal by the US. This article highlights the key features of the recent action.

  • Securitisation: The flexible solution Acceso restringido


    Enviado: 25 May 2018

    This session will run through the key features of a securitisation structure, using key features to investigate regulatory, structural and commercial considerations in securitising a variety of asset classes.

  • Alternative wrappers: Repackaging for funds Acceso restringido


    Enviado: 25 May 2018

    This session investigates alternative wrappers that fund and asset managers may be able to use to manage their own assets and to provide an alternative investment product to investors.

  • Conduct risk and corporate governance - lessons from Carillion


    Enviado: 18 May 2018

    We consider the implications for senior managers and professional advisors in light of the Work and Pensions and BEIS Committees’ report into the implications of the Carillion collapse.

  • HMRC updates list of CRS reportable jurisdictions


    Enviado: 17 May 2018

    HMRC has removed six jurisdictions from the list of reportable jurisdictions for the purposes of the Common Reporting Standard.

  • Loan servicing not exempt from VAT


    Enviado: 14 May 2018

    The First-tier Tribunal has held that supplies by a business administering a loan portfolio for a bank were not exempt from VAT as the supplies fell within the exception for “debt collection”.

  • U.S. Iran-related Nuclear Sanctions to be Reimposed


    Enviado: 13 May 2018

    On 08 May 2018, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that “the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal”, known formally as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the JCPOA), and that the “highest level of economic sanctions” will be imposed by the United States on Iran.

  • Legal Headwinds NL/EU - Quarterly Report - Q2 2018 Acceso restringido


    Enviado: 11 May 2018

    ​The Q2 2018 edition of Legal Headwinds focuses on key regulatory developments relevant to asset managers and financial institutions operating in the Netherlands for the period from 01 April 2018 to 30 June 2018.

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