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  • Crime, fraud and investigations 2017: Financial sanctions


    Enviado: 05 January 2017

    2017 looks likely to be a significant year for sanctions enforcement, with new UK legislation and significant political shifts.

  • Le projet de loi "Sapin II" - Un arsenal anti-corruption à renforcer pour les entreprises


    Enviado: 27 October 2016

    Le Projet de loi Sapin II prévoit notamment de nouvelles obligations à la charge des entreprises pour lutter contre la corruption, et une aggravation des sanctions pour atteinte à la probité. Analyse des risques à anticiper pour les entreprises.

  • Brexit: the implications for financial crime and investigations


    Enviado: 18 July 2016

    What are the implications for financial crime and investigations arising from Brexit?

  • Deferred Prosecution Agreements – the UK Model Acceso restringido


    Última revisión: 07 April 2016 / Enviado: 10 July 2014

    DPAs are available to UK prosecutors as a means of settling criminal charges against companies, but what will this mean for companies that discover wrongdoing?

  • HM Treasury sanctions enforcement powers to increase


    Última revisión: 15 March 2016 / Enviado: 25 February 2016

    UK Government proposes new power for HM Treasury to impose civil fines for financial sanctions breaches, and increases to maximum prison sentences from two to seven years.

  • A sweeping new criminal law for companies?


    Última revisión: 03 July 2015 / Enviado: 15 April 2015

    2015 may see an extension of the corporate offence under the Bribery Act to make companies liable for “failing to prevent” any economic crime.

  • Corporate crime - what's coming next?


    Enviado: 01 May 2015

    We summarise the changes to look out for in corporate crime enforcement, including a sweeping new corporate offence and the increasing globalisation of anti-corruption enforcement.

  • Individual liability


    Enviado: 15 April 2015

    Enforcement action against individual directors, officers and employees for corporate crime.

  • Exemption from civil liability for SARs made under POCA


    Enviado: 05 March 2015

    The Serious Crime Act 2015 introduces a change in the Proceeds of Crime Act regime which, when implemented, will shield financial institutions making Suspicious Activity Reports from civil liability.

  • Recent trends in enforcement Acceso restringido


    Enviado: 27 January 2015

    ​Speakers from across the Simmons & Simmons network cover recent trends in enforcement focusing on individual accountability, corporate settlements, deferred prosecution agreements, confiscation, leniency in competition proceedings and developments overseas.

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