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  • Insurance litigation and professional risk - August 2012 Acceso restringido


    Enviado: 07 August 2012

    Update on recent professional liability events.

  • Advisors’ liability to investors Acceso restringido


    Enviado: 06 August 2012

    A professional advisor obtained summary judgment against a claim by an investor in a company it advised. Guidance was also given on limitation issues. Arrowhead Capital Finance Limited (in Liquidation) v KPMG LLP [2012] EWHC 1801 (Comm).

  • Amendments, “new claims” and limitation Acceso restringido


    Enviado: 06 August 2012

    A recent case where amended pleadings were allowed, where the claims were arguably time-barred at the time of the application. Quayle v. Rothman Pantall & Co. [2012] EWHC 1474.

  • Breach of trust and mortgage fraud Acceso restringido


    Última revisión: 02 January 2013 / Enviado: 03 August 2012

    A mortgage fraud case illustrating that solicitors must adhere to the mandatory requirements outlined in the Council of Mortgage Lenders’ Handbook. Nationwide Building Society v Davisons Solicitors (A Firm) 2012 (Unreported).

  • Solicitors’ standard of care and claimants' duty to mitigate Acceso restringido


    Enviado: 03 August 2012

    A firm of solicitors were found to have been negligent in giving unequivocal advice where the answer was unclear. Herrmann v Withers LLP [2012] EWHC 1492 (Ch)

  • Does fraudulent exaggeration permit an entire claim to be struck out? Acceso restringido


    Enviado: 29 June 2012

    In a key decision for insurers, the Supreme Court has considered whether a fraudulently exaggerated claim should be struck out in its entirety.

  • Corporate Governance, Risk and the FSA Acceso restringido


    Enviado: 26 June 2012

    Partners Pollyanna Deane and Charles Mayo discuss the implications of the recent Final Notice issued to Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (Europe) Limited.

  • Pollyanna Deane's insurance column: June 2012 Acceso restringido


    Enviado: 15 June 2012

    This article considers the latest proposed delay to transposition of the Solvency II Directive, as well as several corporate governance developments.

  • What law governs the arbitration agreement? Acceso restringido


    Enviado: 07 June 2012

    The UK Court of Appeal has considered which law governs an arbitration agreement in the absence of an express or implied choice by the parties.

  • The Construction professional’s duty to warn Acceso restringido


    Enviado: 01 June 2012

    Richard Dyton and Haramrita Glazebrook talk about the obligations placed on a professional in respect of the duty to warn on a construction project.

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