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  • Brexit & MedTech

    Enviado: 19 September 2017

    In our latest blog post, we look at the ABHI’s Brexit Seminar which we hosted on “Politics, Policy, Business and Brexit - what next for MedTech?” where we discussed the key commercial and regulatory implications of Brexit for the MedTech sector.

  • Interpretation of law post-Brexit

    Enviado: 14 July 2017

    The publication of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill and the UK Government’s position paper on ongoing EU proceedings sheds some light on how the UK courts will approach interpreting EU legislation retained in the UK post-Brexit, but questions and difficulties remain.

  • Towards transition: Brexit & the EU

    Enviado: 13 July 2017

    This week, we hosted an event at our London office (and simultaneously live-streamed for those unable to join in person), on the topic of business transition in the context of Brexit and the EU.

  • Brexit: Rule Brittania

    Author: Basil Wood-Walker

    Enviado: 11 July 2017

    Two Law Lords have recently entered the public arena on Brexit, highlighting the opportunities and challenges which Brexit brings.

  • Brexit after the June election

    Enviado: 12 June 2017

    The Prime Minister called the June election in order to strengthen her domestic political position before the start of Brexit negotiations. She appears to have achieved the opposite and we now have a hung Parliament and a minority government. Nevertheless, for the time being the UK Government appears set on continuing with its pre election policy for a “hard” Brexit. It remains to be seen whether this is politically possible.

  • ECJ Opinion - Singapore Free Trade Agreement and Brexit implications

    Enviado: 19 May 2017

    ​The European Court of Justice's Opinion on questions of the process for concluding a bilateral free trade agreement between the EU and the Republic of Singapore is particularly important as it will determine which provisions will require approval and subsequent ratification from all remaining EU Member States in any UK-EU deal brokered in the context of Brexit.

  • Brexit and the General Election

    Enviado: 19 April 2017

    On 18 April 2017, the UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced that a snap General Election will be held on 08 June. Today, on Wednesday 19 April, Mrs May put to the House the necessary motion to instigate the process. The motion, backed by Labour and the Liberal Democrats, passed with a majority of 522 to 13. Parliament will dissolve 25 days before the election date on 03 May 2017.

  • UK Government’s White Paper: legislating for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU

    Enviado: 04 April 2017

    The UK Government has published its long awaited White Paper on the Great Repeal Bill and the future of English law after the UK leaves the EU in March 2019. This blog touches on some of the key points raised in this relatively brief paper.

  • View from Brussels - Article 50 is triggered: what’s next?

    Enviado: 29 March 2017

    The UK has, on 29 March 2017, served notice under Article 50.

  • Article 50: 29 March 2017

    Enviado: 20 March 2017

    Sir Tim Barrow, Britain’s ambassador to the EU, informed the office of Donald Tusk, EU Council president, this morning that the UK will give notice under Article 50 next Wednesday, 29 March 2017.

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