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  • "Ask the Expert" Construction Seminar: Variations and the Impact of Change, Termination and Dispute Avoidance


    Fecha del evento: 11 September 2019

    Please join us for our seminar where we will explore the common risk areas for issues to arise in construction, engineering and infrastructure projects, and discuss how to avoid those issues becoming disputes.

  • A new era for international mediation with the signing of the Singapore Convention


    Enviado: 14 August 2019

    On 07 August 2019, the Singapore Convention on Mediation (Singapore Convention), was signed by 46 countries, including China, the United States, Singapore, India and South Korea. Support for the Convention from some of the world’s largest economies is encouraging: a recognition that mediation has become a viable dispute resolution option.

  • Human Rights Defenders Toolbox


    Última revisión: 12 August 2019 / Enviado: 12 June 2018

    Simmons & Simmons has produced a Human Rights Defenders Toolbox for pro bono client Peace Brigades International.

  • SARs: a tool for identity theft

    Blog Post

    Enviado: 12 August 2019

    A researcher from Oxford University has sent a fake subject access request to over 150 companies in order to prove how the “right of access” under Article 15 of the GDPR can be easily exploited by malicious attackers to steal sensitive personal information.

  • “Above and beyond”: the SFO issues long-awaited Corporate Cooperation Guidance


    Enviado: 07 August 2019

    ​On 06 August 2019, the SFO published Corporate Cooperation Guidance for companies considering whether to self-report fraud or wrongdoing. We review the SFO’s expectations and potential implications for privilege and parallel proceedings.

  • High Court grapples with what constitutes “construction operations”

    Blog Post

    Enviado: 01 August 2019

    This blog post examines the recent decision in Engie Fabricom UK Ltd v MW High Tech Projects Ltd, and the difficulties the parties faced concerning a jurisdictional issue relating to whether or not the project works were “construction operations” under the Construction Act 1996.

  • Breach of warranty claims - measure of damages for a good bargain


    Enviado: 31 July 2019

    ​W&I insurers and their corporate insureds may be interested in the decision in Cardamon v MacAlister, which clarifies the court’s approach to quantum in breach of warranty claims.

  • W&I insurance claims - late notification


    Enviado: 31 July 2019

    We consider the issue of late notification under a W&I policy, and the recent decision of Cardamon v MacAlister.

  • Legal Headwinds: Asia - Quarterly Report - Q3 2019 Acceso restringido


    Enviado: 30 July 2019

    The Q3 2019 edition of Legal Headwinds focuses on key legal and regulatory developments relevant to financial institutions and asset managers operating in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

  • Mass tort case alert: Supreme Court grants permission to appeal in Shell case


    Enviado: 25 July 2019

    ​The Supreme Court has granted permission to appeal in this important mass tort case on parent company liability and jurisdiction. Chris Owen and Adam Bristow consider the impact of that decision and its interaction with the Vedanta and Unilever cases.

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