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  • Brexit casts further doubt on the FTT


    Enviado: 22 September 2017

    Member States are concerned over the impact of introducing an FTT on their ability to attract post-Brexit business.

  • Corrosion exclusions in construction all risk (CAR) policies


    Enviado: 21 September 2017

    ​In this article we look at the meaning of “corrosion”, as it appears in a standard “wear and tear” exclusion in CAR policies. What lies behind the efforts of underwriters to create a separate exception for “corrosion”?

  • MiFID2 Tracker


    Última revisión: 20 September 2017 / Enviado: 14 April 2015

    Financial institutions need to start planning for the changes that MiFID2 will bring into force from 03 January 2018. This microsite is designed to provide a helpful guide to understanding the legislative developments MiFID2 will introduce. It also contains materials and training materials designed to assist you in understanding both how MIFID2 will impact your business and what you need to do to prepare for MiFID2.

  • Employment Essentials: Training for HR professionals in financial services


    Fecha del evento: 08 November 2017

    Our next Employment Essentials training and networking event for HR professionals in financial services is taking place on 08 November 2017.

  • Ontbijtseminar Actualiteiten Ondernemingsrecht


    Fecha del evento: 27 September 2017

    Tijdens deze bijeenkomst wordt ingegaan op enkele recente ontwikkelingen binnen het ondernemingsrecht relevant voor de ondernemingsrechtelijke praktijk, waaronder die van de fusies en overnames. Aan bod komen onder andere de rol van bestuurders en commissarissen en aansprakelijkheden. Bij de bespreking van een en ander passeren ook actuele ervaringen uit de praktijk de revue.

  • China issues draft regulation on the security of critical information infrastructure


    Enviado: 19 September 2017

    China releases new rules on the protection of China's critical information infrastructure which will potentially affect the companies which operate a critical information infrastructure or conduct business on these infrastructures.

  • Partnership taxation: proposals to clarify tax treatment


    Enviado: 14 September 2017

    The Government has released draft legislation for the reform of partnership taxation to be brought into effect from April 2018.

  • Brexit and financial services: A comparative table of taxes in key European jurisdictions


    Última revisión: 13 September 2017 / Enviado: 15 August 2016

    A comparative table of the main taxes and reliefs relevant to setting up a financial services business in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain.

  • Financial Services Alerter - August 2017 developments


    Enviado: 11 September 2017

    Issue 115 of this regular bulletin summarising significant legal and regulatory developments of relevance to the fund management and investment banking communities.

  • Review of the Credit Information Reporting Act (2017)


    Enviado: 08 September 2017

    An overview of the Federal Government of Nigeria signing into law, the Credit Reporting Act of 2017 (the Act) on 30 May 2017 to curtail its negative impact on SMEs.

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