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  • Luxembourg did not provide state aid to McDonald's


    Envoyé: 22 October 2018

    Pierre-Régis Dukmedjian and Alejandro Dominguez’s article for Tax Journal considers the European Commission’s announcement that, in its view, Luxembourg did not grant any unlawful state aid to McDonald’s.

  • The future of the Asset Management industry

    Formation en ligne

    Dernière révision: 12 October 2018 / Envoyé: 13 September 2018

    We’ve partnered with Bloomberg to conduct a study into the outlook of the global asset management landscape, offering insight into the future of the industry both at country level, and different types of asset managers.

  • CMA considers pricing algorithm effects on competition

    Blog Post

    Envoyé: 09 October 2018

    The CMA has continued to increase its digital expertise by publishing a study into the potential anti-competitive effects of pricing algorithms.

  • European Commission announces antitrust probe into Amazon data use

    Blog Post

    Envoyé: 21 September 2018

    This post looks at the European Commission’s announcement that it is once again investigating Amazon’s conduct, this time in relation to its use of third-party data.

  • 03 December 2018: The New Regulation on Geo-Blocking enters into Force


    Envoyé: 11 September 2018

    Among online sellers and online service providers it has become a widespread custom to treat customers differently depending on their country of origin. This practice is generally referred to as “geo-blocking” or sometimes in its softer form, when customers are only redirected to a localised service, “geo-filtering”.

  • Germany to tighten Review of Foreign Investments again


    Envoyé: 09 August 2018

    The German Government announced plans to overhaul its rules on foreign investment and to lower the threshold for a review.

  • BEIS White Paper on National Security and Investment


    Envoyé: 06 August 2018

    A high-level overview of the key proposals by the Department for Business Energy and Industry Strategy (BEIS) in its White Paper to change the UK public intervention regime for national security mergers.

  • Altice/PT Portugal - Gun-Jumping


    Envoyé: 27 July 2018

    With this decision, the Commission has clearly reaffirmed its position on gun-jumping. It is not only about acquiring shares but also about contractual provisions which grant de facto decisive influence pending acquisition of the shares.

  • The New UK Merger Thresholds in Action


    Envoyé: 20 July 2018

    The acquisition by a chinese investor of a UK defence contractor attracted much attention as it represented the first use of the new merger thresholds which came in force in early June.

  • ECJ gives jurisdiction guidance in competition damages claims


    Envoyé: 20 July 2018

    We consider the European Court of Justice (ECJ) recent decision in FlyLAL v Air Baltic and Riga Airport analysing jurisdiction issues in tortious competition litigation damage claims.

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