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  • Retail Structured Products Accès restreint


    Dernière révision: 30 June 2017 / Envoyé: 02 September 2014

    An overview of the initiatives to regulate the sales of structured products to retail investors including the PRIIPs Regulation.

  • The Global LEI System and Other Unique Identifiers Accès restreint


    Dernière révision: 30 June 2017 / Envoyé: 10 February 2014

    An overview of the Global LEI System considering some of its practical implications for financial institutions and, in particular, its relationship to the reporting obligations under EMIR including Unique Transaction Identifiers and Unique Product Identifiers.

  • Cayman Islands extends CRS and FATCA registration dates


    Envoyé: 28 June 2017

    The Cayman Islands have extended the FATCA and CRS registration deadline to 31 July 2017 and released revised self-certification forms.

  • Breakfast Briefing - Update on recent developments in German regulatory law


    Date de l’évènement: 06 July 2017

    Now that the German implementation of MiFID2 have entered the home stretch, we believe it is a good time to discuss the German implementation of the MiFID2 rules for inducements, research and cost disclosure.

  • Renewal of FFI Agreements required


    Envoyé: 19 June 2017

    Foreign financial institutions (FFIs) with existing FFI agreements with the US Internal Revenue Service are required to renew those agreements by 31 July 2017.

  • The Amsterdam Derivatives Academy: Repo and securities lending clearing Accès restreint


    Envoyé: 16 June 2017

    This seminar discusses clearing of repo and securities landing transactions from the perspectives of various leading market parties.

  • Capital Markets Union knowledge centre


    Dernière révision: 15 June 2017 / Envoyé: 05 November 2015

    Our Capital Markets Union Knowledge Centre can help you access materials relating to the ongoing development of the Capital Markets Union.

  • Breakfast Briefing BAIT – Detaillierung und Konkretisierung der IT-Anforderungen


    Date de l’évènement: 29 June 2017

    Gegenstand der Veranstaltung sind die „Bankaufsichtlichen Anforderungen an die IT (BAIT)“, die von Seiten der BaFin mit der Finanzwirtschaft bis zum 5. Mai 2017 konsultiert werden.

  • CRS and FATCA: UK implementation


    Envoyé: 05 June 2017

    The UK recently updated its implementing regulations giving effect to CRS and FATCA agreements, amending a number of aspects in the process.

  • New EU regulation on securities financing transactions and collateral reuse


    Dernière révision: 01 June 2017 / Envoyé: 30 October 2015

    This article discusses the Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) which introduces new trade repository reporting requirements, new requirements in relation to collateral reuse arrangements and new transparency and disclosure obligations for UCITS and AIFs.

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