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  • MAS proposes increased scope for Individual Accountability and Conduct Guidelines


    Envoyé: 10 June 2019

    On 06 June 2019, the Monetary Authority of Singapore released a consultation paper expanding the scope of the Guidelines on Individual Accountability and Conduct for Financial Institutions. This article recapitulates the key outcomes set out in the IAC Guidelines, and summarises how the proposed extension of the IAC Guidelines’ scope will affect the newly-included entities, such as fund management companies, trustees and payment services licensees.

  • FCA releases three more SMCR Consultation Papers


    Envoyé: 13 December 2017

    Following its consultations on the extension of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) to insurers and solo regulated firms in November, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published three more consultation papers on the transitioning to the SMCR and the duty of responsibility on 13 December 2017.

  • Extension of SMCR: Duty of responsibility in practice Accès restreint


    Envoyé: 13 December 2017

    Watch our recent webinar on demand. Gain a practical overview of the duty of responsibility under SMCR, including by reference to existing guidance from the FCA as well as guidance on the senior managers Conduct Rules.

  • Extension of SMCR: Preparing for Conduct Rules Accès restreint


    Envoyé: 06 December 2017

    View this webinar on demand and download the slides now. We take a look at SMCR Conduct Rules and what firms should do now in preparation for these.

  • Extension of SMCR: Identifying Certification staff and related challenges Accès restreint


    Envoyé: 29 November 2017

    View our recent SMCR webinar and download the slides now. This session covered the categories of staff which fall within the ambit of the certification regime under the draft rules, identifying some of the obvious and less obvious categories including your CF30 customer facing function and their managers. It also discusses the steps firms should take now to prepare for certification and who should be involved in that process (including relevant comments for insurers).

  • Extension of SMCR: Identifying senior managers and related challenges Accès restreint


    Envoyé: 22 November 2017

    Download the slides and watch our recent webinar on demand. This session had a particular focus on tricky issues such as extraterritoriality, how to manage your existing SIF population and statements of responsibility. It also covered the duty of responsibility and how to take reasonable steps, and how to create clear reporting lines. You will also receive a helpful reminder of the relevant provisions in the draft rules (including relevant comments for insurers).

  • Extension of SMCR: Response to Consultation Papers Accès restreint


    Envoyé: 08 November 2017

    Download the slides and watch our recent webinar on demand. Hear specific practical and legal issues from industry as well as our thoughts on the SMCR consultation papers as we cover the main points we have made to the FCA in our response (including relating to insurers).

  • Extension of SMCR webinar series Accès restreint


    Envoyé: 24 October 2017

    This webinar series covers a broad range of topics around the Extension of the Senior Management and Certification Regime (SMCR). Topics covered include the response to Consultation Papers, identifying senior managers and related challenges, identifying Certification staff and related challenges, preparing for Conduct Rules and the duty of responsibility in practice.

  • Investing in start-ups Accès restreint


    Envoyé: 18 May 2017

    In this session we explore the issues that start-ups and investors encounter and some key challenges they need to overcome.

  • Noteworthy developments in the Singapore asset management and investment funds industry


    Envoyé: 15 March 2017

    This seminar looks at regulatory developments for investment managers including fund formation and new definitions, directors' duties and segregation of investments.

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