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  • Ausbildungslehrgang Datenschutz und IT Recht im Unternehmen


    Date de l’évènement: 10 September 2018

    Auf diesem Ausbildungslehrgang erfahren Sie, wie datenschutz- und IT-rechtliche Vorgänge konkret zu analysieren sind, um den technischen, rechtlichen und betriebswirtschaftlichen Anforderungen in der beruflichen Praxis gerecht zu werden.

  • Intelligence in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


    Envoyé: 14 August 2018

    A look at some of the considerations which the recently established Work and Technology Commission will need to consider when assessing the impact on the future of work and jobs: from skills & diversity to ethics and governance.

  • Variations to IP licences - who is holding the pen?


    Envoyé: 09 August 2018

    This article discusses the IP licensing implications of the recent decision in Rock Advertising on no oral modification clauses and the potential for informal variation arrangements.

  • Autumn Legal Update 2018


    Date de l’évènement: 03 October 2018

    Join us on Wednesday 03 October 2018 or Thursday 04 October 2018 for our 14th Autumn Legal Update. The day offers you the opportunity to hear about a broad range of topical issues from lawyers across many disciplines.

  • Impact of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence on the financial system


    Envoyé: 02 August 2018

    The German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has published a very comprehensive report on the impact of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (BDAI) on the financial system. Christopher Götz provides a brief review of this report.

  • Asset Management 2025

    Formation en ligne

    Envoyé: 02 August 2018

    We’re partnering with Bloomberg to conduct a study into the outlook of the global asset management landscape. To gain exclusive access to these findings, before they are released, you just need to complete our survey.

  • Selon le Conseil d’Etat, la procédure de certification des logiciels d’aide à la prescription viole la directive sur les dispositifs médicaux


    Envoyé: 18 July 2018

    Analyse de l’arrêt rendu par le Conseil d’Etat annulant la procédure de certification HAS imposé aux logiciels d’aide à la prescription.

  • Data protection in terms of POPIA and the GDPR Accès restreint


    Envoyé: 13 July 2018

    Examples of where data has been breached, why the GDPR and POPIA came into effect and how they can be related.

  • New crypto assets regulatory regime launched in the ADGM


    Envoyé: 03 July 2018

    On 25 June 2018, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority ("FSRA” - the independent financial services regulator for the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) financial free zone) announced that it had launched its new regulatory framework relevant to certain crypto asset activities, including a new regime for crypto asset exchanges.

  • Digital health in Belgium: Recent legislative evolutions, promising perspectives


    Envoyé: 20 June 2018

    ​With the 2013-2018 Belgian E-Health Programme due to expire at the end of this year, the time has come to consider the most recent steps that have been taken in the area of digital health and set out in broad terms the challenges that remain for digital health in Belgium.

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