ESMA work

Level 2 Measures - Technical Standards and Delegated Acts

Final Report Draft regulatory technical standards on cooperation arrangements with third countries under the Benchmarks Regulation (01 June 2017)

Final Report Draft technical standards under the Benchmarks Regulation (30 March 2017)

Final Report Technical advice under the Benchmarks Regulation (10 November 2016)

Discussion Paper Benchmarks Regulation (15 February 2016)

Methodological Frameworks

Methodological Framework Selection of supervised entities for mandatory contribution under Article 23(7) Benchmarks Regulation (02 June 2017)

Methodological Framework Model Written Arrangements for Benchmark Colleges (30 September 2016)

Benchmarks Principles

Final Report ESMA-EBA Principles for Benchmark-Setting Processes in the EU (06 June 2013)

Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group – Advice to ESMA (26 February 2013)

Speeches / Statements

Introductory statement for ECON scrutiny session on Level 2 measures under the EU Benchmarks Regulation (11 July 2018)

Speech by ESMA Chair, Steven Maijoor, ICMA Annual Conference, Towards benchmark stability and integrity (31 May 2018)

Concluding remarks by ESMA Chair, Steven Maijoor, First Meeting of the Euro Risk Free Rate Working Group (26 February 2018)

Keynote speech by ESMA Chair, Steven Maijoor, at PRIME Finance Conference (23 January 2017)

Level 3 Measures

ESMA Q&As on the Benchmarks Regulation

Guidelines on non-significant benchmarks under the Benchmarks Regulation (19 June 2019)

Final Report on guidelines on non-significant benchmarks (20 December 2018)

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