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  • Key SMCR takeaways from the FCA and PRA Business Plans


    Inviato: 13 April 2018

    ​A summary of the key takeaways from the FCA and PRA Business Plans for 2018/2019 in relation to the extension of the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SMCR).

  • SFTR Project Plan


    Ultima consultazione: 12 April 2018 / Inviato: 30 June 2016

    SFTR Project Plan for full scope UK AIFMs, UCITS management companies/investment companies.

  • New EU regulation on securities financing transactions and collateral reuse


    Ultima consultazione: 12 April 2018 / Inviato: 30 October 2015

    This article discusses the Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) which introduces new trade repository reporting requirements, new requirements in relation to collateral reuse arrangements and new transparency and disclosure obligations for UCITS and AIFs.

  • Prospectus Regulation: recent developments


    Inviato: 03 April 2018

    ​An overview of recent developments relating to the Prospectus Regulation

  • The Global LEI System and Other Unique Identifiers


    Ultima consultazione: 31 March 2018 / Inviato: 10 February 2014

    An overview of the Global LEI System considering some of its practical implications for financial institutions and, in particular, its relationship to the reporting obligations under EMIR including Unique Transaction Identifiers and Unique Product Identifiers.

  • Cayman Islands AEOI update: March 2018


    Inviato: 29 March 2018

    The Cayman Islands Department for International Tax Cooperation has re-opened its FATCA and CRS reporting portal and announced changes to its certification and notification forms, including introducing a lower threshold of 10% for the “Controlling Person” definition.

  • High Court restricts re-calculation of termination amount and interprets Close-out Amount under ISDA Master Agreement


    Inviato: 26 March 2018

    In Lehman Brothers Special Financing Inc. v National Power Corporation and another [2018] EWHC 487 (Comm), the High Court considered how a Close-out Amount should be determined and considered whether a Section 6(d) statement of a net termination amount could be withdrawn and replaced.

  • UK securitisation and structured finance: review of 2007 Accesso limitato


    Ultima consultazione: 23 March 2018 / Inviato: 18 June 2008

    This article provides an overview of developments in the securitisation, CDO and structured credit products segments of the market, focusing on particularly significant structural developments, and reviews the major tax and regulatory developments that ar

  • OECD Model Mandatory Disclosure Rules for CRS avoidance arrangements


    Inviato: 22 March 2018

    The OECD has issued model rules to require disclosure by promotors and service providers of schemes to avoid the need for disclosures under the CRS.

  • EU infringements proceedings in relation to UK VAT treatment of commodity derivatives


    Inviato: 09 March 2018

    The EU Commission has commenced infringement proceedings against the UK in relation to the application of zero-rating to certain transactions in commodity derivatives under the Terminal Markets Order.

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