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  • Incentives update - Contracts for Difference and reforms to the RHI


    Inviato: 30 March 2017

    This webinar is part of a series, presented in partnership with Ricardo Energy & Environment’s waste management and planning experts. This session looks at significant developments from the past three months regarding incentives for the provision of heat and power from renewable sources.

  • Podcast 589: Extensions of time

    Video Podcast

    Inviato: 28 March 2017

    ​Simmons & Simmons partner Rob Horne talks to Richard Dyton about a ​recent development in extensions of time.

  • Spoiler alert: new (and) enhanced contract? NEC4


    Inviato: 15 March 2017

    We have waited 12 years but we are now just weeks away from the new suite of NEC contracts which will be known as NEC4. The NEC has issued a paper setting out some of the features of the new contracts, we summarise the key ones.

  • Are the programmes requirements of NEC too complicated? Accesso limitato

    Formazione online

    Inviato: 28 February 2017

    Clause 31.2 contains a very long list of must be included within a compliant programme, as a minimum and 32.1 adds to that for each update. Isn’t that really all too much particularly if the project is a relatively simple one?

  • Float and time risk allowance are the same aren't they? Accesso limitato

    Formazione online

    Inviato: 28 February 2017

    Within the requirements for the content of an NEC programme is that it should show both time risk allowance and float. What are the practical and programming differences between the two? How do you make sure you show them and use them effectively?

  • Is the programme I submitted with a CE a revised programme under 32.2? Accesso limitato

    Formazione online

    Inviato: 28 February 2017

    The contract requires that any compensation event that is said to have an impact on planned Completion must be supported by the alterations needed to the Accepted Programme (62.2). Does that mean a new programme has to be submitted and if it does is that then the new Accepted Programme?

  • London insurance market feels impact of Canadian court’s decisions


    Inviato: 22 February 2017

    In this article we consider two Canadian construction cases which are impacting on claims in the London insurance market.

  • Contracting out of the IA 2015: key learning points for insurers, brokers and insureds


    Inviato: 15 February 2017

    Contracting out of the Insurance Act 2015 is not straightforward. In this article, we highlight the key considerations for insurers, brokers and insureds.

  • Understanding LEG clauses and Delay in Start-Up Insurance


    Inviato: 09 February 2017

    In this seminar we focussed on identifying common issues that arise when applying LEG exclusions in a claims context.

  • How much detail should the Programme include? Accesso limitato

    Formazione online

    Inviato: 08 February 2017

    For long and complex projects the programme can itself be complicated. How much information should anyone reasonably expect to see on a programme and does the distance away from “time now” matter? If things are further in the future is it ok to be a little more vague about them?

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