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  • Extension of SMCR: Identifying senior managers and related challenges Accesso limitato


    Inviato: 22 November 2017

    Download the slides and watch our recent webinar on-demand. This session had a particular focus on tricky issues such as extraterritoriality, how to manage your existing SIF population and statements of responsibility. It also covered the duty of responsibility and how to take reasonable steps, and how to create clear reporting lines. You will also receive a helpful reminder of the relevant provisions in the draft rules (including relevant comments for insurers).

  • MiFID2: Crunch time


    Ultima consultazione: 21 November 2017 / Inviato: 25 October 2017

    It’s crunch time for MiFID2 and we're here to help you with your final preparations through our series of webinars. Access the webinar recording on MiFID2: Commodities.

  • Disclosure of payment practices and policies by large companies and LLPs


    Ultima consultazione: 17 November 2017 / Inviato: 15 February 2017

    The new statutory duty on large companies and LLPs to report on their payment practices and performance every six months applies to financial years starting on or after 06 April 2017.

  • Hong Kong Government publishes the Companies (Amendment) Bill 2017


    Inviato: 15 November 2017

    Hong Kong incorporated companies will soon be required to maintain a register of "persons who have significant control"

  • Managementhaftung beim Unternehmenskauf: Diese Fragen müssen Sie beantworten können!


    Inviato: 14 November 2017

    Der Artikel widmet sich Haftungsfragen für das Management und der Frage, wie sich Transaktion erfolgreich gestalten und zugleich das Risiko einer Inanspruchnahme signifikant reduziert werden kann. Dazu wird der Akquisitionsprozess in Phasen unterteilt betrachtet. Neben der Business Judgement Rule werden Haftung und Haftungsvermeidung bei Transaktionen, Due Diligence, Bewertung und Kaufpreis, Garantien und Freistellungen, Risikoabschirmung im Unternehmenskaufvertrag, Post Deal Integration und Beweislast erläutert.

  • Extending the Senior Managers & Certification Regime: our response to the Consultation Paper


    Inviato: 10 November 2017

    We highlight the key points set out in our response to Consultation Paper (CP17/25) on the extension of the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SMCR) to all FCA solo-regulated firms.

  • Extension of SMCR: Response to Consultation Papers Accesso limitato


    Inviato: 08 November 2017

    Watch our recent webinar on-demand - Hear specific practical and legal issues from industry as well as our thoughts on the SMCR consultation papers as we cover the main points we have made to the FCA in our response (including relating to insurers).

  • Modifiche al Regolamento del Mercato AIM Italia/MAC


    Inviato: 08 November 2017

    Con avviso del 03 novembre 2017, Borsa Italiana ha reso note le modifiche apportate al Regolamento Emittenti di AIM Italia/Mercato Alternativo del Capitale in vigore dal prossimo 03 gennaio 2018 e finalizzate ad aumentare il livello di trasparenza del mercato.

  • Legal Headwinds: Asia - Quarterly Report - Q4 2017 Accesso limitato


    Inviato: 01 November 2017

    The Q4 2017 edition of Legal Headwinds focuses on key legal and regulatory developments relevant to financial institutions operating in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

  • Register of persons with significant control


    Ultima consultazione: 31 October 2017 / Inviato: 04 May 2015

    Since 06 April 2016 most UK incorporated companies and LLPs have been required to keep a register of individuals or legal entities with "significant control" over them (PSC register).

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