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  • Dawn Raid Guide - France


    Ultima consultazione: 20 November 2014 / Inviato: 05 September 2011

    France antitrust - administrative

  • Dawn Raid Guide - Belgium


    Inviato: 20 November 2014

  • Dawn Raid Guide

    Guida Cross Border

    Ultima consultazione: 20 November 2014 / Inviato: 05 September 2011

    Helping you respond to a dawn raid in an informed and efficient manner across a range of jurisdictions.

  • Latest UPC Rules released prior to public hearings Accesso limitato


    Inviato: 20 November 2014

    What is expected to be an almost final version of the Rules of Procedure for the Unified Patent Court has been released.

  • Competition Investigations: practical tips Accesso limitato

    Conference call

    Inviato: 19 November 2014

    Speakers from across the Simmons & Simmons network cover the key practical considerations arising in Competition Investigations; covering the conduct of internal investigations; handling Dawn Raids and information requests; the criminal cartel offence; immunity and leniency applications; and the co-ordination of multiple country, and multiple regulator, investigations.

  • Digital Health Investment Conference: How do I win in Digital Health?


    Inviato: 17 November 2014

    The emerging topic of Digital Health has great promise to reduce inefficiencies in healthcare delivery, reduce costs and make medicine more personalised and precise. This conference aimed to give an insight into opportunities for those looking to invest in digital health and to network with digital health innovators.

  • UK/Germany seek to promote compromise on patent box regimes


    Inviato: 14 November 2014

    Joint UK/German announcement concerning BEPS proposals to deal with preferential IP tax regimes puts continued existence of UK patent box and similar regimes in current form in doubt in medium term.

  • The end of direct sponsorship of healthcare professionals by the medical device industry? Accesso limitato


    Inviato: 12 November 2014

    MedTech Europe has announced that it proposes to phase out direct sponsorship of healthcare professionals at third party events by their members by 01 January 2018.

  • Episode 429: Collusive strategy triggers damages action

    Video Podcast

    Inviato: 22 October 2014

    Filippo Fioretti and Ombline Ancelin discuss the controversial Italian case finding a collusive strategy in the off label use of a medicine and the damages action it triggered.

  • English contract law case profile – October 2014


    Inviato: 20 October 2014

    The case of AB v CD [2014] EWCA Civ 229 has established that damages may not be an adequate remedy if they are contractually limited or excluded.

281 a 290 di 669