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  • M&A transactions and management liability: These are the questions you need to answer


    Inviato: 24 November 2017

    Transactions do not necessarily all turn into a success story. And if they happen to fail, management is frequently asked uncomfortable questions.

  • Managementhaftung beim Unternehmenskauf: Diese Fragen müssen Sie beantworten können!


    Inviato: 14 November 2017

    Der Artikel widmet sich Haftungsfragen für das Management und der Frage, wie sich Transaktion erfolgreich gestalten und zugleich das Risiko einer Inanspruchnahme signifikant reduziert werden kann. Dazu wird der Akquisitionsprozess in Phasen unterteilt betrachtet. Neben der Business Judgement Rule werden Haftung und Haftungsvermeidung bei Transaktionen, Due Diligence, Bewertung und Kaufpreis, Garantien und Freistellungen, Risikoabschirmung im Unternehmenskaufvertrag, Post Deal Integration und Beweislast erläutert.

  • Legal Headwinds: Asia - Quarterly Report - Q4 2017 Accesso limitato


    Inviato: 01 November 2017

    The Q4 2017 edition of Legal Headwinds focuses on key legal and regulatory developments relevant to financial institutions operating in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

  • Freedom of establishment and fiscal unity


    Inviato: 26 October 2017

    The Advocate General has suggested that Dutch rules restricting deductions for interest on a related party borrowing for investment in a foreign subsidiary were contrary to EU law.

  • New merger notification thresholds and filing fees effective 01 October 2017


    Inviato: 26 October 2017

    An overview of new merger notification thresholds and filing fees that will apply to mergers that are compulsorily to the South African Competition Commission as of 01 October 2017.

  • China outbound M&A - what to watch out for in an uncertain regulatory environment


    Inviato: 25 October 2017

    This session covers what has happened since November 2016, the fast changing regulatory landscape, negative list and its implications for outbound M&A and financing for outbound M&A.

  • UK Takeovers: new checklists required


    Inviato: 03 October 2017

    New checklists published by the Takeover Panel on 29 September 2017.

  • Ontbijtseminar Actualiteiten Ondernemingsrecht


    Inviato: 02 October 2017

    Tijdens de bijeenkomst werd ingegaan op enkele recente ontwikkelingen binnen het ondernemingsrecht relevant voor de ondernemingsrechtelijke praktijk, waaronder die van de fusies en overnames. Aan bod kwamen onder andere de rol van bestuurders en commissarissen en aansprakelijkheden.

  • Getting the Deal Through: FinTech 2018


    Inviato: 27 September 2017

    FinTech 2018 answers the key legal and regulatory questions that arise for FinTech businesses across 23 jurisdictions.

  • Brexit casts further doubt on the FTT


    Inviato: 22 September 2017

    Member States are concerned over the impact of introducing an FTT on their ability to attract post-Brexit business.

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