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  • BitCoin-Trading: German Court Ruling vs. BaFin’s Understanding


    Inviato: 16 October 2018

    ​The Higher Regional Court of Berlin - KG (4. Strafsenat), Urteil vom 25.09.2018 - (4) 161 Ss 28/18 (35/18) - has decided that BitCoin-trading in the German market does not require a regulatory license.

  • The future of the Asset Management industry

    Formazione online

    Ultima consultazione: 12 October 2018 / Inviato: 13 September 2018

    We’ve partnered with Bloomberg to conduct a study into the outlook of the global asset management landscape, offering insight into the future of the industry both at country level, and different types of asset managers.

  • GC18/4: the FCA consults on Senior Managers and Certification Regime: Proposed guidance on statements of responsibilities and responsibilities maps for FCA firms


    Inviato: 11 October 2018

    The FCA consults on its proposed guidance on statements of responsibilities and responsibilities maps for FCA firms, in the context of the extension of SMCR.

  • Autumn Legal Update 2018


    Inviato: 09 October 2018

    The materials from our fourteenth Autumn Legal Update are now available.

  • HMRC challenged over CRS information exchange rules


    Inviato: 25 September 2018

    Hatice Ismail’s article in Tax Journal examines a complaint that the UK's adoption of the common reporting standard (CRS) infringes an individual’s privacy and data protection rights.

  • Legal Headwinds: Asia - Quarterly Report - Q3 2018 Accesso limitato


    Inviato: 10 August 2018

    The Q2 2018 edition of Legal Headwinds focuses on key legal and regulatory developments relevant to financial institutions operating in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

  • Increased focus of tax authorities on transfer pricing valuation


    Inviato: 08 August 2018

    ​Clive Jie-A-Joen, Liu Lu and Fan Bai examine recent TP developments that are relevant for the arm's-length pricing of transactions of intangibles and other items of value between group entities resulting from business restructuring. Each of these developments is specific and can be useful considering the specific facts and circumstances of the case at hand.

  • BEIS White Paper on National Security and Investment


    Inviato: 06 August 2018

    A high-level overview of the key proposals by the Department for Business Energy and Industry Strategy (BEIS) in its White Paper to change the UK public intervention regime for national security mergers.

  • Parental Liability: Goldman Sachs v Commission (T-419/14)


    Inviato: 17 July 2018

    ​The General Court of the European Union handed down its judgment on 12 July 2018 confirming a €37m fine against the Goldman Sachs Group Inc, in a growing trend towards a broad application of parental liability in EU competition law.

  • UAE securities regulator to issue circular extending grace period for local promoters Accesso limitato


    Inviato: 12 July 2018

    The UAE Securities & Commodities Authority (the SCA), the securities sector financial services regulator in onshore UAE, recently issued a notice advising that the grace period given to local promoters of securities (including foreign mutual funds) to obtain a promoter’s licence from the SCA, expired on 28 June 2018. This article summarises the effect of the notice and potential next steps.

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