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  • How have politicians used our data? The ICO updates on its largest investigation to date

    Blog Post

    Inviato: 12 July 2018

    We look at the ICO's progress report about its ongoing investigation into potential data protection breaches and other offences arising from the use of data analytics in political campaigns.

  • Mastercard class action refused


    Ultima consultazione: 06 July 2018 / Inviato: 25 July 2017

    ​The Competition Appeal Tribunal has rejected an application for a Collective Proceedings Order for the largest legal action ever commenced in England. What now for class actions in the UK?

  • Supra-national standards for the crypto-assets


    Inviato: 04 July 2018

    In the third part of this four-article series, we review the steps taken to establish a global action plan to allow crypto-assets into the regular financial ecosystem.

  • A high level global view of crypto-asset regulation


    Inviato: 04 July 2018

    ​In the final part of our series looking into crypto-assets we take a brief look at how individual jurisdictions themselves are seeking to tackle the issues of crypto-assets.

  • Crypto-assets - the Law Enforcement Position


    Inviato: 04 July 2018

    In the second article of this four-part series into crypto-assets, we explore how law enforcement currently interacts with crypto-assets and our expectations for the future.

  • Crypto-asset compliance myths and misconceptions Accesso limitato


    Inviato: 04 July 2018

    In this first of a four-part series, we look at some of the possible criminal uses, and challenge some of the common misconceptions, of crypto-assets.

  • New crypto assets regulatory regime launched in the ADGM


    Inviato: 03 July 2018

    On 25 June 2018, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority ("FSRA” - the independent financial services regulator for the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) financial free zone) announced that it had launched its new regulatory framework relevant to certain crypto asset activities, including a new regime for crypto asset exchanges.

  • Zeker van uw zaak: de mogelijkheden van de W&I-verzekering Accesso limitato

    Formazione online

    Inviato: 28 June 2018

    ​Op 27 juni vond het seminar plaats over de (on)mogelijkheden van de W&I-verzekering, hieronder kunt u de sheets downloaden.

  • FinTech and digital currencies: the European perspective and the regulatory status in Italy


    Inviato: 21 June 2018

    A comprehensive overview covering a broad range of recent legal and regulatory developments in the FinTech sector.

  • EU blocking statute on Iran-related nuclear sanctions released


    Inviato: 14 June 2018

    The EU Commission has now "adopted" the much awaited EU blocking statute. What does it do? In short it seeks to provide protection to EU-based companies from engaging in sanctions-compliant business with Iran. It is in effect the EU trying to keep the Iran nuclear deal alive despite the withdrawal by the US. This article highlights the key features of the recent action.

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