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  • Whistleblowing - the international perspective


    Ingediend: 18 May 2016

    Headline summaries of whistleblowing laws across a range of jurisdictions.

  • Whistleblowing hotlines: potential obstacles


    Ingediend: 16 May 2016

    Many employers are considering whether to introduce whistleblowing hotlines. Even if there is no legal requirement to so so, many are assessing the potential benefits of encouraging individuals to raise complaints internally given the impact of the alternatives (particularly for those companies covered by the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the bounty possibilities under the Dodd-Frank Act for reporting financial irregularities).

  • Internal investigations: A practical guide to conducting an investigation and dealing with the HR implications


    Ingediend: 01 May 2016

    A discussion of the challenges faced by businesses conducting international investigations, including issues to consider at the outset, the dynamics of asserting or waiving privilege, practical tips for handling the investigation process, and dealing with employees.

  • Whistleblowing - international snapshot


    Ingediend: 27 April 2016

    A high level overview of employment protection for those who blow the whistle across a range of jurisdictions.​

  • Whistleblowing - toolkit for employers


    Ingediend: 05 April 2016

    ​Simmons & Simmons has put together a toolkit for employers considering how best to deal with issues in relation to recent changes in the legislation and regulation of whistleblowing.

  • Episode 0525: Anti-corruption and anti-trust issues in distribution agreements

    Video Podcast

    Ingediend: 09 March 2016

    Simmons & Simmons Of Counsel Xun Yang talks to Dora Wang about anti-corruption and anti-trust issues in distribution agreements.

  • Whistleblowing: the pressure mounts


    Ingediend: 08 March 2016

    Expectations of companies on how to handle whistleblowing are increasing, with proposed changes in legislation and regulation. This includes the new Government Guidance for Employers and Code of Practice. What will be expected in the near future?

  • The whistleblowers’ champion - the new non-executive director role Beperkte toegang


    Laatst gecontroleerd: 11 March 2016 / Ingediend: 22 February 2016

    ​A summary of the role of the whistleblowing champion in the new PRA / FCA whistleblowing regime.

  • Two cases under the Bribery Act: Guilty plea or Deferred Prosecution Agreement?


    Ingediend: 19 February 2016

    ​What do the first two English cases of companies accused of failing to prevent bribery tell us about the value of Deferred Prosecution Agreements?

  • Whistleblowing toolkit Beperkte toegang


    Laatst gecontroleerd: 30 March 2016 / Ingediend: 19 February 2016

    This microsite contains tools to help organisations deal with the increasing pressure in relation to whistleblowing.

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