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  • Episode 393: IP: an increasing important driver for Tech Sector M&A

    Video Podcast

    Ingediend: 15 April 2014

    Simmons & Simmons partner Andrew McMillan talks to colleague Kevin Mooney about how M&A activity in the Tech sector is increasingly being driven by the value placed on a company’s intellectual property (IP).

  • Episode 374: Outsourcing Series: Finance & Accounting Outsourcings

    Video Podcast

    Ingediend: 08 January 2014

    Simmons & Simmons associate Lawrence Brown talks to colleague Clare Adam about some of the key issues arising in finance and accounting outsourcing agreements.

  • Episode 372: Arbitration in China

    Video Podcast

    Laatst gecontroleerd: 19 December 2013 / Ingediend: 19 December 2013

    Simmons & Simmons partner Simon Morgan talks to Vera Zuo about arbitration in China.

  • Episode 355: UK consumer law reform and e-commerce

    Video Podcast

    Ingediend: 03 October 2013

    Simmons & Simmons partner Mark Dewar talks to colleague Michiko Jo about how the proposed consumer law reforms affect e-commerce and digital content, what you need to know and why.

  • Episode 353: Payment services: new regulation

    Video Podcast

    Ingediend: 25 September 2013

    Simmons & Simmons associate Sophie Lessar talks to partner Mark Dewar about new payment services rules which will be introduced under European plans and discusses the implications for activities that are not currently regulated.

  • Episode 352: Opting-out of the UPC

    Video Podcast

    Ingediend: 24 September 2013

    Gillian Johnson talks to Nicholas Fox about what European patentees should be considering with regard to opting-out their patents of the Unified Patents Court (UPC).

  • Episode 344: Regulation of smartphone healthcare apps

    Video Podcast

    Ingediend: 15 August 2013

    Simmons & Simmons Managing Associate Lawrence Brown and Supervising Associate Paolo Caldato discuss some of the issues arising in the cutting-edge field of smartphone healthcare apps.

  • Episode 335: Bifurcation of Patent Proceedings

    Video Podcast

    Ingediend: 18 June 2013

    Simmons & Simmons partner Peter Meyer talks with colleague Nicholas Fox about bifurcation in patent proceedings in Germany and the proposed Unified Patent Court. This article forms part of our Unified Patent Court Toolkit.

  • Episode 333: Permissible repair of patented articles

    Video Podcast

    Ingediend: 12 June 2013

    Simmons & Simmons partner Thomas Adam talks with colleague Gillian Johnson about the latest developments in the limits of permissible repair following the recent decisions on the repair of bulk containers in the UK and Germany.

  • Episode 331: FRAND Update

    Video Podcast

    Ingediend: 05 June 2013

    Simmons & Simmons partner Thomas Adam talks with colleague Nicholas Fox about the latest developments in FRAND licencing following the recent German reference to the CJEU.

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