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  • Confidential, quicker and cheaper dispute resolution: arbitration


    Ingediend: 19 July 2018

    Stuart Dutson and Alex Sussman published an article in the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) Journal – Edition 115, setting out the benefits for asset managers of using arbitration to resolve their disputes.

  • Final amendments and ratification by French Parliament of the French contract law reform


    Ingediend: 09 July 2018

    Given a recent update passed by the French Parliament on the reform of French contract law which leads to three distinct regimes of applicable provisions, a full review of the modified provisions and details of their exact date of entry into force (which varies from provision to provision) has been produced.

  • FML Timeline: UBS AG v Kommunale Wasserwerke Leipzig GmbH


    Ingediend: 09 February 2018

    A judge had been right to grant rescission of derivative contracts between a bank and its customer on the grounds of bribery and conflict of interests.

  • FCA asset management market study - publication of final report


    Ingediend: 28 June 2017

    ​The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published its final report on its asset management market study, which looked at competition in the asset management sector.

  • High Court revisits the law on penalty charges


    Ingediend: 31 March 2017

    ​High Court revisits law on penalty charges following the Supreme Court decision in Cavendish Square Holding BV v Makdessi

  • FCA asset management study - interim findings


    Laatst gecontroleerd: 06 December 2016 / Ingediend: 18 November 2016

    ​The FCA has published its interim findings on its asset management market study.

  • Interim findings of the FCA’s asset management market study


    Ingediend: 06 December 2016

    FCA focuses on lack of fund governance, price competition and transparency, as well as recommending a market investigation into the investment advisory services market.

  • 100 days of MAR: the top ten Q&As


    Ingediend: 28 October 2016

    Now that MAR has been up and running for several months, we take a look at some of the questions that seem to come up repeatedly, consider the answer to those questions and examine where else clarity may be needed.

  • Interview with Noro-Lanto Ravisy


    Ingediend: 21 September 2016

    African Private Equity and Venture Capital Association talks to Noro-Lanto Ravisy about Simmons & Simmons’ expertise in African PE, and her expectations for the future.

  • Trends in digital health Beperkte toegang


    Ingediend: 26 May 2016

    This session explores the digital health sector as it currently stands - what digital health is, why it’s important, why investors should care, what Simmons & Simmons are seeing in the market-place and what the risks and challenges are, particularly for investors.

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