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  • Brexit: the implications for financial crime and investigations


    Ingediend: 18 July 2016

    What are the implications for financial crime and investigations arising from Brexit?

  • South Africa introduces criminal sanctions for cartelists


    Ingediend: 03 June 2016

    An overview of the introduction of criminal sanctions for cartel behaviour by the Competition Amendment Act.

  • Suspended sentence imposed on remaining executive in UK criminal cartel


    Ingediend: 05 October 2015

    Director that pleaded guilty to the cartel offence in the galvanised steel water tank cartel has received a six month suspended sentence after his co-accuseds were ac​quitted.

  • A sweeping new criminal law for companies?


    Laatst gecontroleerd: 03 July 2015 / Ingediend: 15 April 2015

    2015 may see an extension of the corporate offence under the Bribery Act to make companies liable for “failing to prevent” any economic crime.

  • Executives acquitted in the first contested UK criminal cartel prosecution to reach a jury verdict


    Ingediend: 25 June 2015

    Defeat for the CMA: a not guilty verdict has been handed down in the criminal prosecution of executives accused of fixing the prices of galvanised steel water storage tanks.​

  • Distribution update - the competition law perspective


    Ingediend: 11 June 2015

    Speakers across our network discussed the latest case law relating to online distribution, pricing practices in general, and the risk of indirect information exchange in the context of distribution. ​

  • Passmore on Privilege Beperkte toegang


    Ingediend: 29 May 2015

    The session included a review of some of the more interesting recent cases affecting professional privilege in the TMT sector and how it could affect you.

  • Corporate crime - what's coming next?


    Ingediend: 01 May 2015

    We summarise the changes to look out for in corporate crime enforcement, including a sweeping new corporate offence and the increasing globalisation of anti-corruption enforcement.

  • Recent trends in enforcement Beperkte toegang


    Ingediend: 27 January 2015

    ​Speakers from across the Simmons & Simmons network cover recent trends in enforcement focusing on individual accountability, corporate settlements, deferred prosecution agreements, confiscation, leniency in competition proceedings and developments overseas.

  • Corporate criminal liability in Germany?


    Ingediend: 18 December 2014

    The debate over whether the criminal law should apply to the actions of companies has ratcheted up, following publication of a draft Corporate Penal Code.

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