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  • When is a record not a register?

    Blog Post

    Ingediend: 13 December 2018

    In a recent decision the First-tier Tribunal (Tax Chamber) ruled that a novel demand by HMRC for certain records retained for Anti-Money Laundering purposes was not lawful because of the way those records were structured.

  • The ICO opens a consultation on a new direct marketing code of practice Beperkte toegang


    Ingediend: 12 December 2018

    The ICO has issued a call for views (due to close on 24 December 2018) on a new marketing code of practice.

  • German regulator continues trend for low GDPR fines

    Blog Post

    Ingediend: 10 December 2018

    The German authority fined a social media platform €20,000 (2% of the maximum penalty) for breaching its GDPR security obligations.

  • FCA speech re-emphasises its position on technology and cyber resilience

    Blog Post

    Ingediend: 28 November 2018

    Megan Butler (a Director of Supervision at the FCA) has given a speech explaining some of the FCA’s views on how the UK financial services industry is managing technological risk as well as further detail on the FCA’s regulatory focus on resilience.

  • Investing in Digital Health


    Ingediend: 19 November 2018

    In this article we look at the boom in digital health technologies and the consequent rise in patient data that is collected by the industry. We consider the extent to which cyber security awareness has kept pace with the rate of growth in the sector and outline the resultant cyber security issues that investors will need to think about when entering the digital health market.

  • First Criminal sentence obtained by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

    Blog Post

    Ingediend: 19 November 2018

    In a timely reminder that the ICO’s powers extend beyond merely fining individuals for data breaches, an individual working for a vehicle accident repair firm was recently sentenced to six months in prison. This is the first criminal prosecution brought by the ICO resulting in a custodial sentence.

  • Court of Appeal upholds vicarious liability finding after malicious data breach: WM Morrison Supermarkets plc v Various Claimants

    Blog Post

    Ingediend: 30 October 2018

    The Court of Appeal has confirmed that the Data Protection Act does not exclude vicarious liability for tortious privacy actions such as breach of confidence and misuse of private information and has left the door open for further group actions arising from a cyber or data breach.

  • Hong Kong CPD day 2018


    Ingediend: 24 October 2018

    Materials from each of the sessions from our Hong Kong CPD day are now available.

  • Cybersecurity and Digital Health: Diabolus ex Machina?


    Ingediend: 23 October 2018

    In this article we consider the cybersecurity issues surrounding digital health, including the vulnerability of new technologies such as health apps, networked medical devices and wearable devices connected to smart technology, the weaknesses in current regulatory framework, the impact of GDPR and the potential consequences of a data breach.

  • EU Data protection laws can be enforced by competitors under German Unfair Competition Law


    Ingediend: 17 October 2018

    The Würzburg Regional Court recently issued a preliminary injunction regarding infringements of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, under the German Act against Unfair Competition.

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