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  • Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain: Criminal threats (and oppportunities)


    Datum: 21 May 2018

    Simmons & Simmons and the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) are hosting the first of a series of joint events, studying global security issues and their legal ramifications. In this event a panel of experts will discuss the criminal threats and law enforcement opportunities posed by cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

  • Regulatory focus on outsourcing to the cloud


    Ingediend: 23 April 2018

    Regulators have recently voiced concerns over the increase in firms utilising the opportunities afforded by outsourcing services to cloud based providers. The European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA) published a report in April 2018 on the Risks and Vulnerabilities in the EU Financial System, in which ESMA flags ICT risks as one of four main areas of concern. Similarly, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has listed data security, resilience and outsourcing as one of its focus areas for the coming year in their most recent business plan.

  • Busting the Blockchain myth in healthcare


    Datum: 23 May 2018

    One HealthTech and Simmons & Simmons present an evening of fresh, thought-provoking discussion on blockchain in healthcare.

  • Can the ICO handle the truth?


    Ingediend: 09 April 2018

    When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018, the ICO will require organisations to report personal data breaches to it without undue delay. With the level of breach reports set to rise we look at the likely impact on the ICO and consider whether they, and other regulators, are prepared.

  • Artificial Intelligence: the key French priority


    Ingediend: 03 April 2018

    The French report on artificial intelligence (AI) was finally released this Thursday, 29 March 2018. The mission who issued the report (also named “Villani’s” report after its leader, Cédric Villani, French Member of the National Assembly, Fields medal laureate 2010), was commissioned by the French Government in September 2017 to consider the French strategy for artificial intelligence (AI).

  • EU Commission's proposals for fair taxation of the digital economy


    Ingediend: 26 March 2018

    The EU Commission has proposed two directives to reform the taxation of digital businesses operating in the EU, including an interim 3% tax on certain digital revenues and a long term proposal to recognise a “significant digital presence” for tax purposes based on a local user base.

  • Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and the ICO


    Ingediend: 20 March 2018

    ​The ICO has sought a warrant to obtain evidence from Cambridge Analytica as part of its investigation into Facebook and related parties for improper use of data; more stringent enforcement powers for the ICO, and potentially group litigation, may well follow.

  • OECD Interim Report on the tax challenges arising from digitalisation


    Ingediend: 20 March 2018

    The OECD’s Interim Report on the tax challenges of the digital economy highlights the broad disagreement amongst its members as to whether there is a need for fundamental changes to the international tax rules allocating taxing rights in relation to digitalised business models.

  • Collaboration with FinTech Penta


    Ingediend: 16 March 2018

    Simmons & Simmons works with Penta, the innovative FinTech company.

  • HM Treasury's updated position paper on taxation of the digital economy Beperkte toegang


    Ingediend: 14 March 2018

    The UK Government has published an update on its position paper in relation to its proposals to tax online businesses deriving value from user-created value in the UK.

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