Contents at a glance

Trade Finance

Open Account 6
Documentary Collections 8
Documents against Payments (D/P) 10
Documents against Acceptance (D/A) 12
Opening a Letter of Credit 14
Operating a Letter of Credit 16
Discounting Acceptances 18
Negotiating Export L/C 20
Consignment 22
Trust Receipt Financing 24
BPO (Bank Payment Obligation) 26

Secondary Market Trade Finance

Bank-to-Bank Trade Finance Loans 29
BAFT Sub-participation
(Funded or Risk Participation) 31
LC Refinancing 33
LC Reimbursement 35
Bill of Exchange and Aval Guarantee 37

Receivables Finance

Loan Secured against Receivables 40
Factoring 42
Forfaiting 44
Receivables Discounting 46
Supply Chain / Payables Finance 48
Distributor Finance 50

Structured Trade & Commodities Finance

Pre-shipment Finance 53
Pre-export Financing 55
Prepayment Financing 57
Warehouse and Inventory Financing 59
Repurchase (Repo) 61
Borrowing Base Lending 63
Lease Financing 65

Export Credit Agency Finance

Supply Credit: ECA Loan and Facility Guarantees 68
Supply Credit: Insurance Cover 70
Supply Credit: Bills and Notes Facility Guarantee 72

Loans & Security

Trade Finance Facility 75
Unsecured Facility (Bilateral) 77
Secured Facility (Bilateral) 79
Secured Facility (Subordination) 81
Syndicated Secured Facility 83
LMA Sub-participation (Funded or Risk Participation) 85

Trade Based Money Laundering

Invoice Fraud 88
Underinvoicing 90
Overinvoicing 92
Tax and Transfer Pricing 94
U-Boating Shipments 96
Hawala Payment Systems 98
Black Market Currency Exchange 100
Sanctions Circumvention 102

Training Menu

Trade, Commodities & Receivables Finance
Debt Finance & Secured Lending
Asset-Backed Finance & Securitisation
Sustainable Finance
TBML, AML & KYC, Export Controls and Sanctions

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