Hedge Fund Vista webinar series

  • Audio Hedge Fund Vista webinar - 25 June 2019
    In this session, Sarah Crabb, Darren Fox, Hatice Ismail (Simmons & Simmons London) and Jim Cofer (Seward & Kissel LLP) will discuss the impact of the EU Shareholder Rights Directive on UK hedge fund managers; the US Tax Representative Rules; Co-Investments for hedge funds and an update on Cayman developments.

    2019 六月 6

  • Audio Hedge Fund Vista webinar - 21 May 2019
    In this session, Sarah Crabb, Satyen Dhana, Allan Yip and Jek Aun Long will discuss the FCA’s first competition law infringement decision; Cayman SIBL licensing reforms; changes to Singapore distribution requirements; Regulatory Initial Margin and more.

    2019 五月 17

  • Audio Hedge Fund Vista webinar - 11 July 2018
    In this session we discuss SMCR - what hedge fund managers need to know, ESG funds and ERISA constraints, Cayman Islands AML Update - checklist for 30 September deadline.

    2018 七月 11

  • Audio Hedge Fund Vista webinar - 02 May 2018
    In this session we discuss Brexit planning for hedge fund managers, GDPR - the final pieces, and Fund fees and terms: trends in new launches in the US and UK.

    2018 五月 2

  • Audio Hedge Fund Vista webinar - 28 March 2018
    In this session, we discuss GDPR updates to hedge fund documents, HMRC’s increased scrutiny of the “salaried member” provisions for LLPs, the new Securitisation Regulation and its impact on AIFMs, and trends in Irish fund structures and more.

    2018 三月 28

  • Audio Hedge Fund Vista webinar - 07 February 2018
    In this session, Lucian Firth, Dev Saksena, Sarah Crabb and Art Markham discuss the GDPR, MiFID2, the BMR, US tax reforms and more.

    2018 二月 7

  • Audio Hedge Fund Vista webinar - 22 November 2017
    In this session Lucian Firth, Dev Saksena, Hatice Ismail, Art Markham and Pat Poglinco (Seward & Kissel) discuss creating KIDs for hedge funds under the new PRIIPS regime, the effect of the recent SEC No-Action Letters on MiFID2 research rules, the Benchmarks Regulation, the new UK tax evasion facilitation offence and more.

    2017 十一月 22

  • Audio Hedge Fund Vista webinar - 27 October 2017
    This session discusses the impact of MiFID2 on hedge fund documentation and the significant repapering we expect will be required for many of our clients, the latest HMRC proposals to change partnership tax rules, and how these may affect managers operating through LLPs and recent developments in global hedge fund distribution.

    2017 十月 27

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