Pollyanna Deane's insurance column


Pollyanna authors a regular column for Practical Law Company sharing her views on topical insurance issues.

Prior to joining Simmons & Simmons as a corporate partner in 2012, Pollyanna obtained over 20 years experience working with the insurance industry, in private practice.

2018 editions

Innovation, insurtech and cyber - everything new under the sun - September 2018
Active insurance law - July 2018
Law, more law and regulation... - June 2018
IDD, Brexit, the International Association of Insurance Supervisors and the FCA's discussion paper - March 2018
A few things you may have missed - January 2018

2017 editions

SM&CR and the responses to the PRA and FCA's consultations - November 2017
Unit-Linked Policies: EIOPA thematic review - June 2017
Solvency II: One year in - March 2017

2016 editions

Impact of Brexit on insurers and their UK businesses - June 2016
Remuneration issues, Innovation and regulatory technology, FCA's business plan and the Insurance Act 2015 - June 2016

2015 editions

Suspicious: European Commission speech on Solvency II, IDD and higher loss absorbency - December 2015
Slaves to Solvency II - September 2015
Transferred liabilities under schemes - July 2015
Part VII Transfers - May 2015
The insurance act and other stories - March 2015

2014 editions

Solvency II - the gift that keeps on giving - December 2014
Spoiler alert - October 2014
Summertime - August 2014
Current focus on (A) senior management and (B) world peace - June 2014

2013 editions

Are we there yet? - December 2013
The end of solvent schemes? - September 2013
Shareholder control and the regulators - July 2013
Consumer insurance (disclosure and representations) act 2012 (CIDRA) - April 2013
Draft report on insurance mediation - February 2013

2012 editions

Christmas spirit, the new year and all those unwanted presents - December 2012
This months theme: data - August 2012
Solvency II and corporate governance - June 2012

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