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  • Autumn Legal Update 2019


    Event date: 16 October 2019

    Join us on Wednesday 16 October 2019 or Thursday 17 October 2019 for our Autumn Legal Update. The day offers you the opportunity to hear about a broad range of topical issues from lawyers across many disciplines. We run the same programme on a choice of two dates.

  • The new DIFC Insolvency Law


    Submitted: 29 August 2019

    A new Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Insolvency Law has been introduced incorporating new insolvency procedures and measures to facilitate improved co-operation in cross-border insolvency proceedings.

  • Stricter supervision for subordinated debt issuances by life insurers and pension schemes


    Submitted: 29 July 2019

    As of 15 July 2019 the German regulator BaFin announced stricter supervision for subordinated debt issuances by life insurers and pension schemes. BaFin’s point is that the holders of life insurers’ subordinated debt will, depending on the drafting of the respective terms, only suffer a loss in the insurer’s insolvency whilst BaFin has the means to cut the claims of insured persons already before insolvency as a crisis prevention measure. Thus, BaFin has decided that holders of life insurance and pension scheme issuers have to suffer a loss prior to the insured customers and has published a wording to be included in future terms and conditions of subordinated loans and subordinated bonds.

  • Labour Intensive - A High Impact Scenario


    Submitted: 24 July 2019

    With Boris Johnson now installed as Prime Minister, attention turns to his first 100 days and the material possibility of a Labour-led government by its end. Our latest scenario analysis shows a 70% chance of a General Election before 31 October 2019 (Johnson’s Day-99) within which a 28% chance of a Labour-Led government. In this article we have brought together the views from our specialist team of leading lawyers and financial markets experts to look in more detail at the Labour Party programme and its possible implications for all stakeholders in UK assets.

  • Bank Crisis Management and Resolution


    Last Reviewed: 28 June 2019 / Submitted: 12 August 2014

    An overview of the proposed global measures for bank crisis management and resolution.

  • What creditors should know about the Rallye holding companies Safeguard Proceedings and how the holdings of the Casino Group are likely to restructure its average €3bn financial indebtedness


    Submitted: 28 May 2019

    On 23 May 2019, the Paris Commercial Court placed Rallye SA and its direct and indirect holding companies and two affiliates, the Casino group’s parent holding companies, under Safeguard Proceedings (Procédure de Sauvegarde).

  • Financial Markets Legal Update - 23 May 2019


    Submitted: 21 May 2019

  • European Commission publishes syndicated loan study


    Submitted: 15 April 2019

    ​Report finds that syndicated lending gives rise to some competition issues, but there are no glaring problems.

  • Appointment of receiver prevents group relief


    Submitted: 13 February 2019

    The appointment of a receiver over the property and business of a company prevented that company surrendering losses by way of group relief to other companies formerly within a group with it.

  • Clarifications on the scope of the principle of non-liability of creditors by reason of the facilities granted applicable in French insolvency proceedings


    Submitted: 07 November 2018

    The French Supreme Court, by several judgments rendered in 2018, clarified the scope of the principle of non-liability of creditors by reason of the facilities granted applicable where French insolvency proceedings are opened.

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